Current Offerings

We specialise in helping clients maximize value by focussing on customers through exceptional employee engagement. We assist organizations in their pursuit of business agility, scaling agility across the enterprise, leadership development, culture change, team capability and autonomy. We facilitate pragmatic and contextual approaches over prescriptive methods or frameworks.

We offer Agility Assessment, Corporate Training, Mentor Coaching & Corporate Speaking services. 

Agility Assessment

Each organization is unique and embodies its own strengths, challenges and institutional memory. With our agility assessements at the core of your continuous improvement strategy, you gain the insights and identify concrete areas of improvement where you can make a meaningful difference to your employees and customers.

Corporate Training

With our blend of training with coaching support, you can learn to deliver maximum impact with minimum time and dramatically increase the flow of value. All our trainings have the essence of lean agile mindset, values and principles which leads to transformational change.

Mentor Coaching

Every coach requires assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of competency required for coaching agile teams, or coaching an agile enterprise. With our mentor coaching you will be coached on your coaching skills to maximize your impact.

Corporate Speaking

In today’s world, it’s critical for companies to have transformative leaders who can inspire others to change for good. We host on-site and off-site interactive talks which unlock peoples potential to maximize their performance.

Request a bespoke service

We understand that sometimes your needs are unique so please reach out to us with a brief message and we will get in touch with you to take it forward.